Our History

Arabian Garments Company’s history spans over 4 decades

Arabian Garments Company’s history spans over 4 decades as the company developed its business and expand its line of products from small proprietorship established by Mr. Ameen Aba Hussain in Dammam- Saudi Arabia and it was limiting its scope of work in the area of stitching only Saudi & other GCC nationals’ Thobe besides selling man’s accessories, to a well-organized and reputable limited liability company that becomes one of the garments manufacturing industry moguls in Saudi Arabia in particular and GCC in general.

The business story began in 1971 in Dammam- Saudi Arabia where Mr. Ameen Aba Hussain established himself as a small, independent Thobe retailer under the name of “The Modern Center for sewing Men’s Thobe. In 1995 he established “The Arabian Garments for Men’s Accessories EST” as complementary activity to the main activity “manufacturing of the Thobe” and that was considered as a very smart move. And due to the increase in the Market demand, the promoter has opened many show rooms and outlets across the Eastern province (Dammam and other cities) of Saudi Arabia. Then the Idea of establishing a factory with a well-established operating system has erupted in the first quarter of 2006 under the name of Nawal Aba Hussain (the wife of Mr. Ameen Aba Hussain) factory and that move has positioned the business in the front rows among the competitors and considered as the beginning of the real transformation of the business from small local retailers who were selling only one main product and its accessories into a wide-range garments manufacturer. Then at the mid of 2006 both of the promoters (Mr. Ameen and his wife ( Nawal Aba Hussain)) decided to move further steps to expand its vertical integration through changing the legal form of the business from sole proprietorship to a limited liability company by establishing “Arabian Garments Factory company” and add more products to increase their market share and segmentation so as to capitalize on the growing garments market. Multiple waves which are topped by hiring new qualified key executives, adopting hi-tech and cutting-edge technological concepts have carried the company vision from the concept of mere Garments manufacturers to solutions providers especially in the segment of industrial and medical uniforms.

The uniform outfits arm expanded tremendously when the Arabian Garments Co has ventured the Saudi government sector’s as well as the private sector’s markets strongly by capitalizing on its retailing heritage as well as its strategic partnerships and knowhow sharing programs.

Our values

Integrity and Ethics of the industry Professionalism in all walk of our business Corporate responsibility towards society and environment

Our above values do not change from time to time, place to place, or person to person, but rather they boost our company’s culture.

Our final products and services are representing sets of solutions to our customers’ problems, therefore its important that our customers can rely on us as we do things in best practices- we mean what we say, and we do what we promise. We are adherent to the highest quality standards in garments manufacturing industry on both levels (domestically and internationally). Consequently, we maintain the highest quality accreditation, constantly train our staff at all levels. We never seek to rest on our laurels, we are constantly looking out for the best products available in terms of performance, reliability and value for customers. We implement a the-art-of-state technology in our production lines to evenly maintain the quality levels among all our products that we supply, and we have invested significantly in maximizing our production capacity so that we can efficiently and sufficiently deliver the high quality products to end-users.

Our Mission

To provide unique solutions to our diversified customers through wide range of diversified basket of high-quality uniform outfits. We strive to change the mainstream perception from being merely garments manufacturers to solutions providers via adopting practical and viable operating system and business model.

Our Vision

To become country’s leader in localizing the industry . To help Arabian Garments Co to achieve its mission, and integrated management system centered around the ERP system has been implemented to compliment its accreditation as an ISO 9001: 2015. The management team is committed to systems and methodologies that recognize the importance of quality, health, safety and protection of the environment.

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Corporate responsibility

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We are ethically committed to follow the highest ethical business and employment standards across all our operations phases.

Arabian Garments Co is a growing Saudi manufacturing business, operating on the ground Kingdom-wide. Our products are part of the fabric of everyday life. it groups wide range of garments that include but not limited to; industrial cloths, normal clothes, hospitality outfits, healthcare uniforms, restaurants uniforms and so on. We are leaders and pioneers in many of the markets in which we operate.